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Purposed Girls Pray 31 Day Prayer Journal _PRE-ORDER

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Please expect time to manufacture as a min of 20days from publisher, not including shipping time. Yet it is well worth the investment in growing your spiritual walk with God! Only for queens who are serious and committed to their growth.

Developing a discipline had been a game changer for me ! It has allowed every other area to come in alignment.

Queen!! Are you ready to take your spiritual life to an entirely new level?

This is the ULTIMATE prayer journal for the PURPOSED girl who is leveling up her life and her relationship with her creator. In this 316 page hardcover, spiral, colored journal you will get:

  1. What is Prayer?

  2. Why 31Days breakdown

  3. The A.C.T.S. Prayer Method

  4. Names of God

  5. Weekly Scriptures

  6. Weekly “Who Am Praying For” List

  7. Daily A.C.T.S. Prayer Log

  8. Daily Devotion Time Journal Entries

  9. Daily Notes Page

  10. Weekly Answered Prayers Log

  11.  Designed for reflection and spiritual intimacy

Queen!!! Are you up for the 31 Day challenge??

*This is a PRE ORDER NOW. They are made up in request Production time is estimated 20 days by manufacturer.