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Destiny Inspire

Queens NEVER Crumble: Powerful Lessons on Conquering and not Quitting

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Destiny Inspire is back with her new life changing book "Queens Never Crumble: Powerful Lessons in Conquering and Not Quitting." designed to help you develop resilience and conquer anything in life you encounter. Its the combination of tea, testimony, trials, and triumph!

About the book:

Have you ever found yourself trapped in another country during a global pandemic with no hope of getting home even if you wanted to? After coaching thousands of others on how to overcome obstacles in order to thrive in life and business, this master certified life coach and transformational speaker now must put her own advice into play. In this book Destiny Inspire takes you on her own vulnerable journey of how a difficult moment continued to spiral into the most trying 12 months of her life. Come with her as she walks you through how she was yet able to put up a fight, keep the faith, and come out on top. 
This book will transform the way you see and handle the pain, pressure, and problems of your own life by providing fresh perspectives and practical principles for you to implement. On this journey you will learn how to unlock your inner queen and conquer whatever you encounter despite the urge to quit. Complete with built-in workbook of personal reflection questions, this book is the go-to resource needed to not only provide motivation, inspiration, and information, but facilitate the process of growth and transformation in your life!